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swii.ch health Are Proud Media Partners of RAREfest22

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RAREFEST is back in person and we are proud to be media partners for this important event in the rare disease calendar.

RAREfest22 is a public-facing, 2-day rare disease inspired festival with interactive exhibits, talks, film and art showcasing ground-breaking science, visionary technology and pioneering organisations, improving lives and bringing hope to those affected by rare conditions. 

swii.ch health are proud media partners of RAREfest20: Global, virtual festival puts rare diseases into the spotlight!

RAREfest22 is a public-facing festival for the experts and the curious of all ages.


Go mutant DNA fishing at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology stand 

Meet the CamRARE team and their Rare Bear Army! We're gifting Rare Bears to children with a rare condtion on the day. Come and get yours. 

Try your hand at a genetic diagnosis with East Genomics

Meet actor and campaigner Adam Pearson & artist Dagmar Bennett as they share their new campaign ‘Difference’

Be a brain surgeon for the day with CRUK, Gilbertson Lab

Peer into bodies to uncover invisible illnesses with Rare Youth Revolution and the Cambridge Science Centre 

And many more!!

For more information visit the festival website. Tickets are free and available through the platform.

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