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Rare disease patient insight & strategy
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Rare disease patient insight & engagement 
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swii.ch health is a specialist agency, focussed on Rare Disease patient engagement.

This is swii.ch

Our team and culture is built around a single goal to help our clients transform the lives of people living with rare devastating diseases.

We provide patient engagement solutions to infuse the patient perspective and voice across the drug lifecycle.
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swii.ch Health - How We Can Help

How we can help

We have a deep understanding of the complex issues that patients, caregivers and providers face, and the unique online journeys they embark on in rare diseases. We don’t just learn about our audience; we immerse ourselves in their lives to find out what really makes them tick. 
We have have a digital based foundation and utilise the most up-to-date tools, AI, and novel methodologies to produce more insightful results and deliver projects faster.

Recent client challenges

 - Patient Advocacy HTA training
 - Patient information journey mapping
 - Disease lived with experience analysis
 - Patient Advocacy Group mapping
 - Consultation behaviour analysis

swii.ch Health - Client Stories
  • We chose to work with swii.ch as they demonstrated their unique approach of combining years of patient engagement experience with technical/digital competencies to ensure patients remain central to the solutions we develop.

    At the time we were planning to develop a roadmap for our digital strategy for an ultra-rare neuromuscular disease, and the approach swii.ch recommended allowed us to develop a good understanding of the patient’s digital journey for information that enabled us to identify the gaps that exist in the specific disease area. Swii.ch effectively guided the team’s creative thinking around insights gathered through the first phase of the project which enabled us to deliver a plan to develop a structured digital ecosystem that we believe will empower patients and their families/caregivers with information and solutions to live their best lives.
    Vice President EMEA - Lupin Neurosciences
  • I have been engaging with swii.ch in the last 18 months to utilise their services in patient engagement and consultancy. Throughout this time, they have delivered to me qualitative analyses, patient group research and strategic advice, and will be supporting me with various patient and access-related activities.

    I would not hesitate to recommend the team for their experience, counsel, transparency, delivery and ability to build good relationships with people both in and outside the company.
    Director of Patient Engagement and Advocacy EMEA Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Europe
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Rare disease patient insight & engagement
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